By Nana Afrakoma Ntakrah  

Life is as sweet as nectar for the shameless bonking Archbishop Dr. Kwaku of Broadwater Farm International, Tottenham, North London, UK.  His best sermons on radio and in churches are usually about bereavement.  “The lady who touched the garment of Jesus and received healing.” This is often followed by a long roll call of his lovers and admirers.

This short man from Wiamoase in the Ashanti Region has a beautiful wife and 5 children, yet he is insatiable.  He will sleep with anyone in skirt, young and old, married and single.  The long list of abuse of vulnerable women, in particular the bereaved and those with marital problems is impressive. What do these women see in this self-styled Archbishop?  He loves his Vodka and Adowa at funerals and has  a total disrespect for the institution of marriage.

He acts as the benevolent and humanitarian within the Ghanaian community in London, in particular, Tottenham, London.  He is available at every funeral, ready to take the dead body like a prized possession, straight to the Funeral Director or Undertaker of his choice for a fat commission.

He will assist in obtaining the death certificate and organising the funeral for a price.  Once the certificate is obtained, he is in his element, often preparing several certified copies in order to invite friends and relatives in for a funeral celebration in the UK.  What a man! He thinks he is a saint!!

Recently, he has taken some extremely vulnerable women at the St. Ann’s Hospital for day release or leave off the ward, under the pretext that he is taking some to plait their hair.  Then the bonking begins. The bereaved women and those with relationship difficulties or those with husbands or partners in jail, those with fertility problems are those he likes best.  He will woo them with Bread which he often gets free from Uncle John’s Bakery in West Green Road.  He will visit late in the night, pretending he is coming for prayers.

What kinds of prayers are held with married women in the middle of the night?  He must have bedded at least 5,000 over the years.    He has been fornicating for several years.  Africans are extra religious, extra pure and extra moral.  Yet this self-styled Bishop has been deceiving his wife for years.  Everyone within the community has a story to tell about him, yet many are afraid to counsel him or advise him to practise what he preaches.

“Thou shall not commit adultery”.  He should take a leaf out of the Bible.  According to the law of Karma, he will surely get his reward.  This is a complete disgrace to Ghanaians and other Africans in the UK.  Fornicating in his RECON office and in his car is totally unacceptable.


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